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Program Approval is Required for All Education Programs in All North Carolina Schools This Year
Every seven years the Department of Public Instruction requires a review and State Board approval of all existing education programs in every Public, Private, and Alternative Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) across North Carolina. 2017 is the year this process must be conducted again.
What is the process? The process for this comprehensive review and approval is essentially the same as the biannual process submitting for a new program or making changes to an existing program except it applies to every program offered across the state. Here is the process:
1. IHEs submit a proposal for review for every program they currently offer.2. NCDPI works to assign 2 reviewers from across the state that are experts in the field of the program proposal.3. The reviewers either recommend the proposal for State Board approval or request additional information of the IHE about the program based on criteria provided by NCDPI in compliance with North Carolina law and Board policy. If additional information is requested, the IHE can resubmit the updated proposal for a second review.
4. Reviewer recommended proposals then move to the NC Board of Education for Approval.5. Programs must have Board approval to be offered.

The New Online Educator Preparation Program Submission and Approval Process

In an effort to improve submission process efficiency, NCDPI has updated the older 'BluePrint' process for program submission and approval. The new 'Statement of Assurances' succinctly meets current North Carolina law and Board policy and is offered through an online platform for ease of use. If you were unable to attend one of the how-to webinars on this new platform and process, a number of supporting materials to navigate the system are provided here.
1. The platform is accessed using an NCID account number uniquely assigned to the individual seeking to submit a program for review and approval. Note that this NCID is not at the institution level. If more than one person at the institution intends to use the platform, each individual must have their own unique NCID account number for access. The platform url can be found at Click here for instructions on how to acquire and use the NCID to use the platform.3. To assist IHE staff that are new to the Submission platform, a 30 minute how-to webinar can be viewed here.4. There are a lot of little variations and details to programs across the state that can make proposal submission challenging especially when trying to fit a program into a fixed entry platform. To help address many of those questions, a FAQ document is available here.5. Have questions? Contact us.
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IHE Reporting
The 2015-2016 IHE Performance Reports and Report Cards are complete and awaiting State Board review. They are scheduled to be presented to the board Feb 1 and

Year-at-a-Glance General IHE Reporting Dates
IHE Annual Performance Reports and Educator Preparation Report Cards
Aug 2-23
Campuses correct/verify Beginning Teacher Roster based on previous year's csv files. Note: Only completers with Exp values of 0, 1, or 2 will be matched to 2012-13 evaluation data.
Sept 6-13
Campuses review campus-wide evaluation data on standards 1-5
After Oct 15th
Campus reports by licensure area available on server (Stds. 1-5 only)
Std 6 ratings available for review, posting to report cards, added to campus licensure area reports
2014 IHE Annual Performance Reports will incorporate RttT Report Cards. DPI will work on creating a web-based submission process for entering narratives.

USDE’s Title II Report Cards
Aug 1-Oct. 9
Campuses enter data & verify matches for ETS to calculate licensure exam pass rates. Note: Prepare separate files for your lateral entry candidates/completers.
Aug 6-30
Campuses & RALCs serving lateral entry teachers will post lateral entry files in DPI’s secure IHE web portal to identify duplicated individuals.
Sept. 2-6
DPI produces duplicative reporting lists for each campus/RALC
Sept 6-30
Campuses/RALCS resolve duplications of lateral entry teachers.
Jan 29–Feb 27
Resolution Period (licensure exam pass rates) through ETS. Note: The $1500 Resolution fee will not be waived for NC reportees this year.

2012-13 Reporting Information Archive