Provide insight into the Schoolnet piece of Home Base and the features and functionality.

Overview, Creating Assessments, Lesson Plans and Resources: Participants will receive an Overview of Schoolnet and all the features, create lessons and review resources, and learn the 'click paths' for creating classroom assessments.

  • Introduce Schoolnet
  • Review how to find resources and create lesson plansschoolnet.png
  • Create classroom assessments manually and through express tests
  • Facilitate set up and exploration

Learner Outcomes:
After this session participates will be able to...
  • Explore resources and lessons
  • Describe features and applications
  • Navigate through Schoolnet to create an assessment, add items, edit, publish, and schedule
  • Explain how Schoolnet can assist with collecting benchmark assessment data to ensure data-based decision making to improve student outcomes

The digital resources included on this wiki have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive digital resources for the purposes outlined on this wiki.

Welcome and Introductions

Activity - Use the Tricider
  • Consider: What would you most like to learn?
  • Take a moment to add ideas to the Tricider
  • Use the Pro/Con to comment
  • Vote for the most important outcome for the day


Power Point Slide Deck

Lesson Plans & Resources

Power Point Slide Deck

Activity - Live Site Demonstration

Creating Assessments



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Summary and Reflection

Activity - What support is needed? As a group, discuss and record. Use the Padlet below.

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