N.C.'s Educator Preparation Report Cards were developed for the 2011-12 year as part of the state's Race to the Top grant. The format is similar to NC's public school report cards and presents data collected through the annual IHE Performance Reports and effectiveness data for program graduates during their first three years of teaching experience. During the N.C. General Assembly's 2013 Session, legislation was changed to incorporate the Educator Preparation Report Cards and effectiveness of program graduates into the Annual IHE Performance Report requirement.

Data Sources for the 2012-13 Preparation Report Cards
  1. IHE Annual Performance Reports - Special Characteristics, Student Data, Faculty Data, Transition from Program Acceptance to Completion Data, Public School Partnerships
  2. SBE Approved Programs List - Program Areas and Levels Offered
  3. NCATE/TEAC/CAEP Accreditation Database - Accreditation
  4. Title II Reports - Licensure Exam Pass Rates
  5. DPI Licensure and Employment Databases - % of Completers licensed within one year, % of completers employed within a NC public school
  6. Effectiveness of Program Graduates - Summary Evaluation Data reported through the NC Educator Evaluation System.

Educator Preparation Report Cards Key Dates
Aug 2-23
Campuses correct/verify Beginning Teacher Roster based on 2009-13 csv files. Note: Only completers with Exp values of 0, 1, or 2 will be matched to 2012-13 evaluation data.
Sept 6-13
Campuses review campus-wide evaluation data on standards 1-5
After Oct 15th
Campus reports by licensure area available on server (Stds. 1-5 only)
Std 6 ratings available for review, posting to report cards, added to campus licensure area reports
May-June 2014
2014 IHE Annual Performance Reports will incorporate RttT Report Cards. DPI will work on creating a web-based submission process for entering narratives.

Additional information on the Beginning Teacher Roster Verification Process is located in the file below.